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Category: Feature Film / 1h 30’
Production: Film Tank (DE), Nanouk Films (SP), VDR (DE), TVE y TVC (SP),
BritDoc (UK), CineReach (USA), MEDIA (EU), 2013
Awards: FIPRESCI St. Petersburg Film Festival 2014
Written and directed by Salvador Sunyer, Sergi Cameron, Ventura Durall


A fable in the form of an existentialist
comedy about the spiritual crisis of the West.

Five characters face an alleged end of the world in Bugarach, a small town in southern France and the only place on earth that will resist the flames of the apocalypse. D day is approaching, and human being’s most basic instincts begin to resurface: fear, faith, hope or greed will seize the characters in a place where reality and fiction are hard to discern.