FIPRESCI Award in St. Petersburg Message to Man 2014

Nominated for the 2014 Gaudí Awards  -  Best Documentary Film


Hot Docs Toronto 2014 – Visions du Réel Nyon 2014 –
Europa Prix 2014 – IDFA Amsterdam 2014 - Dok Leipzig 2014 -  Documentamadrid 2014 –
DocsBarcelona 2014 – 
Cinespaña Toulouse 2014 –
Guanajuato Film Festival 2014 –
CIFF Camden Film Festival, Maine 2014 - Trento Film Festival 2014 -
Antenna Sydney 2014 –  Apertura
Astra Film Festival Romania 2014 –
Overlook CinemAvvenire 2014 – Mar del Plata 2015 – Sofia International Film Festival 2015 –
Big Sky Documentary Göteborg 2015 –
Belfast FF 2015 – 
One World Prague 2015 

"The tone oscillates between a daily life observation and the fantastic, supernatural or esoteric, which means, between Tati and Jodorowsky." LA VANGUARDIA

"With a rhythm that slowly shrouds you into darkness, and with a musical accompaniment and impecable photography that gives more importance to nature and the mountain itself, than to the tangible human world." CINEMA MALDITO

"Bugarach creates a universe of fantasy with few dialogues and images loaded with meaning, capable of absorbing the viewer from the first shot." B-SIDE MAGAZINE

"The real is transformed into a magical space that makes us believe in the existence of an extraterrestrial life that connects us with the mysterious telepathic powers of the place. Are we facing a play with the limits of fiction, or is it a rather a transgression that goes from orthodoxy to experimentation? The result is amazing. " A.Quintana, CAIMÁN CUADERNOS DE CINE