Category: Commercial / Short Film / 02’40’’
Production: Nanouk Films, 2014
Written and directed by Salvador Sunyer 

My Friend

Jun Cai would be happier if everything went as before.
He felt like a castaway in an amusement park.

In 2014 I went with a friend to Shangai Cinema Festival to receive an award. During our stay we could see how remains of the traditional China still survived within a giant, modern and savage metropolis.

This piece is inspired in the real story of Jun Cai, a classical man, the owner of an old teashop in the city centre which he shares with his only friend, a chinese imperial cricket.

The shock between classical and modern is a transcendental theme of great interest to the Torrella de Montgrí classical music festival: a veteran and prestigious event that takes place every year in a small village from Costa Brava (Catalonia).




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