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Category:  Short Film / 23’08’’
Production: Nanouk Films, Festival Temporada Alta, 2019 
Performed by: Xavier Bobés, José Sacristán

Written by: Salvador Sunyer, Xavier Bobés, Marta Lallana

Directed by: Salvador Sunyer, Xavier Bobés

Remains of Things

Remains of Things is a poem about the passage
of time and the traces of lifetime that objects may keep. 

The tired hands of a faceless man, the wind cutting through his skin, the sun slowly fading away, and his house awaiting him. In the hall,  a table serves as a stage.

Several boxes full of things rest on top and his delicate hands start the ritual. A ceremony takes place in the solitude
of night, a game of memories and chance, a story of what was or what could have been.