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Category:  Commercial / 06’23’’
Nanouk Films, Temporada Alta, 2018
Performed by: Amaia Romero
Written and directed by Salvador Sunyer

La Voz de España 

This short film is a song – no more no less. A song to
remember the fights that were lost or that were left to win.

In 1971 Jeanette revolutionised Spain with the song “Soy Rebelde” (I’m Defiant) The song was a worldwide hit, but it was forbidden here for underage girls. In 2018, having suffered the largest setback in individual freedom since Franco’ time, another singer captivates a whole country once more with her Defiance.

Amaia wins the OT reality show and represents Spain in Eurovision thanks to her talent and charming personality.
She is the transforming agent capable of reaching all layers of society. She sings this song for us to listen to it again. She is the voice of Spain.